a lazy weekend

Hubby was on the 6th day of detoxing (eating raw and juicing only) and that makes him very tiring and weak. We had a lazy weekend due to that, it was no fun to cook for just Mya and I so we kinda simplified everything, cereal, toasts, vege juice, oatmeal and salad (hopefully I will lose some weight too?)

Bought a bouquet of peonies for the first time and love it 🙂 I’ve also bought my first pair of Birkenstock in hot pink, yes you hear me right, they are in this delicious yummy sexy hot pink color and I hope I am not too old to wear that :p

I was told there is a dead bird in my vege bed and it is now in the trash can (he did it and I wasn’t very happy abt it, why the trash can I mean?). I will not go near the trash can whatsoever till Tuesday after the garbage truck has take it away. I’ve also found 2 biggest ever tomato caterpillars munching away on my tomato plants while I tried to harvest some tomatoes this evening. Well they almost scare me to death and I swear it has to be the most disgusting scream ever (but I felt good after that, lol). They don’t deserve a death penalty but they are certainly not welcome in my garden so I was very contradicting and not knowing what to do, at last we placed them on the bushes at the public walk path and I hope HOA is cool with that :p

A very interesting weekend indeed, full of caterpillars, peonies, juicing, a dead bird, a pair of make-me-look-young sandal and a fussy in-the-process-of-detoxing husband….gosh he is going to look so much younger (and slimmer) than me after that! Argh!











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