Meet Daisy, our first fostering puppy

It’s been a while since the last post, we’ve had a lot done in the past few weeks but one thing particularly interesting πŸ™‚ We went to PetSmart on a weekend and found out about a fostering program with the Barc. And off we went to barc and fostered a little puppy that needs to put on more weight before she can be put on an adoption list.

My daughter Mya named her Daisy, ‘Daisy just like the flower’ she said, how sweet πŸ™‚ We were very excited as Daisy is our first foster pet!

The second day we brought her home she had some diarrhea, and started to throw up, she doesn’t seems to have an appetite to eat as well. We brought her to a vet and its confirmed the she had Parvo and she needs to be put down because Parvo is very contagious, even the hairs will carry the scary viruses. We were told Parvo is the deadliest virus for puppies and it cannot be cured! We are not ready to give in for sure so we insisted to keep her and Ian did some research and found out about the Parvait and Vibactra Plus by Amber Technology, natural and organic, so off we went to pick them up right away.

I’ve also try to cook some rice with ground beef, nope, she isn’t interested at all. Chicken breast, liver, eggs, coconut water, juice, energy drink and etc. We’ve tried everything but she was just refuse to eat or drink, we have to force feed her in order to keep her hydrate. We took turn to sleep to make sure she at least have some liquid, she was so weak on the third night we thought we will lose her. But with the Parvait and Vibactra Plus, Daisy spring back to life within the first few hours after she had them. She was all better by the 5th day and the vet was surprised, we were thrilled, so does Daisy, she is finally eating, jumping, playing and putting on weight for sure πŸ™‚

It is for sure a scary experience but I am glad that it is a happy ending, most of all, we saved a life πŸ™‚













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