Meet Daisy, our first fostering puppy

It’s been a while since the last post, we’ve had a lot done in the past few weeks but one thing particularly interesting 🙂 We went to PetSmart on a weekend and found out about a fostering program with the Barc. And off we went to barc and fostered a little puppy that needs to […]

how are you my dearest papa mama….

Quote of the day: once you choose hope, anything is possible -Christopher Reeve. I miss home badly lately, everything I see, I see home, I see the beautiful eyes of my mama, I miss the smile of my papa and I smell the air in my home… Father’s Day is around the corner, knowing that […]

I feel the heat now, it’s summer time :)

天气开始转热了,夏天到来了。 喜欢拍照的我还真的得培养培养耐性, 赤热的太阳总爱把我晒得象小黑姑娘一样, 那无情的小蚂蚁更爱咬我的脚趾头, 也不想想都是谁在喂它们吃面包饼干。 蹲着等待那毛毛虫转到对的角度, 风吹的不太凶的时候,有一定的阳光, 一切一切都配合的时候, ‘咔嚓咔嚓咔嚓。。。’ 拍个没完没了 :)   { Heart us ♥ Etsy } { Follow us ♥ Facebook } { Follow us ♥ Pinterest } { Follow us ♥ Twitter } { Follow us ♥ Blogspot }